Twisted, The Distorted Maths of Greenhouse Denial


twisted_cover.jpgEnting’s analysis exposes the numerous contradictions in the arguments of the ‘greenhouse sceptics’ and suggests they are far from constituting an alternative to mainstream climate science.

Simple graphical illustrations are used to show that some representations of the data are misleading. In other cases quotes from the sceptics are lined up side by side to show that what passes, in public debate, for an alternative view of science is an inconsistent set of fragments.

"....importantly this book shows, in a non-technical way, how these scams are being foisted into public discussion."

Finally the author presents calculations of the actual emission levels that would be required to stabilise CO2 concentrations. This is an update of calculations that he contributed to the pre-Kyoto IPCC report on Radiative Forcing of Climate. The new calculations demonstrate the extent to which delays in mitigation have increased the difficulty in stabilising greenhouse gases. This defines the real cost of greenhouse denial.

Chapter summaries

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Who should read this book?

This book highlights the use of mathematics and statistics to inform and disinform public debate. It is accessible to the general public and is useful for school project work.


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About the Author

Ian Enting is a Professorial Fellow in the ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematics and Statistics of Complex Systems based at The University of Melbourne. From 1980 to 2004 he worked in CSIRO Atmospheric Research, primarily on modelling the global carbon cycle. He was one of the lead authors of the chapter CO2 and the Carbon Cycle in the 1994 IPCC report on Radiative Forcing of Climate. Prof. Enting has published numerous scientific papers, mainly on mathematical physics and carbon cycle modelling, and a monograph on mathematical techniques for interpreting observations of CO2 and other trace gases.
Information about Ian can be found at his website.