Detailed description

Cartesian plane shown with right-angled triangles T, \(T^\prime\), \(T^{\prime\prime}\) and \(T^{\prime\prime\prime}\). Labelled ABC, \(A^\prime B^\prime C^\prime\), \(A^{\prime\prime} B^{\prime\prime} C^{\prime\prime}\) and \(A^{\prime\prime\prime} B^{\prime\prime\prime} C^{\prime\prime\prime}\) . Triangle is formed from triangle T by rotating T about C by 120° in a clockwise direction.


A(1, 8); B(1, 5); C( 2, 5)

\(A^{\prime\prime}\)(–1, 8); \(B^{\prime\prime}\)(–1, 5); \(C^{\prime\prime}\)(–2, 5)

\(A^{\prime\prime\prime}\)(5, 4); \(B^{\prime\prime\prime}\)(5, 1); \(C^{\prime\prime\prime}\)(6, 1)