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Supporting Australian Mathematics Project: Middle years.

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Year 6

Number and Algebra

Connecting fractions, decimals and percentages

Three cogs, labelled decimals, fractions and percentages.
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There is a relationship between decimals, fractions and percentages. Whilst each of these areas is often taught separately, there is value in demonstrating how fractions, decimals and percentages are related.

Decimals are a convenient and useful way of writing fractions with denominators 10, 100, 1000 and so on.

So \(\dfrac{3}{10}\) is written as 0.3, \(\dfrac{2}{100}\) is written as 0.02, \(\dfrac{11}{100}\) is written as 0.11 and we write \(\dfrac{434}{1000}\) as 0.434 in decimal form.

This is best done with simple, familiar fractions, decimals and percentages to start with.

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Even though there are different ways of writing a number, the value remains the same.